Extract the typography from a book or a poster. The colour of a flower or a tablecloth. Store this information for later, or display it directly on screen. That is what Spector can do. It is the dream of all designers that spend countless hours trying to erase the colour and scale differences between screen and paper rendering. This tool works as an InDesign plugin: connected to your computer via Bluetooth, Spector enables the integration of actual materials into interactive development. Today Spector is still at stage of prototype, but it will soon evolve into a finished product,
with a Kickstarter campaign to be launched shortly. When it will be exhibited at KIKK Market Spector will be straight back from the Dubai Design Week.



The company

Fiona O'Leary

As a designer, Fiona O’Leary intends to create products that improve people’s lives, by developing meaningful use of technology.
Most of all, she likes to draw and develop ideas, digital physical tools and easy-to-use interfaces, that make our everyday actions a little bit easier.