The Oval

Oval is the first ever digital handpan, a new generation percussion instrument. It works both as an electronic music instrument and, once connected to an app, as an intuitive and reactive MIDI device. With it, you can program or alter sounds, learn to play music, but also share your compositions or execute live performances. Oval is so versatile that it can be manipulated by professionals as well as kids or just curious people eager to discover new means of musical expression.



The company


Based in Barcelona, Ovalsound in a Spanish startup co-founded in 2014 by the handpan performer Ravid Goldschmidt and the creative technologist Alex Posada, from MID interaction design studio. The skill combination of these music and technology enthusiasts (and also coffee addicts) led to the birth of Oval, also helped by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. OvalSound raised more than 345.000 €, more than 3 times the initial amount !