KOSKI game

KOSKI is a board game that connects physical and digital gaming worlds. It is a combination of real toy blocks and a virtual app that acts as a "magical mirror" that looks onto the wooden blocks. The player interacts and builds with the blocks, while the accompanying app augments the structure with additional details like trees, ladders and waterfalls. The player is physically altering the projected world on screen by manipulating the blocks in real time, unlocking new and imaginative ways of playing.


The company

Studio deFORM

KOSKI is a project by studio deFORM. It started as a Vaclav Mlynar's year-end project at London's Royal College of Art, where his classmate Jakub Pollag and he completed a Master's degree in product design. The studio was founded in 2011 in Prague, before moving to London in 2014. The two sidekicks focus their work on product and interaction design, interior and exhibition architecture and creative advertisement for clients that include big brands such as Nike, Heineken, Electrolux and many others.