Relegating buttons, slides and other scroll wheels in the past, Tingle is all about touching and feeling when it comes to music. With this one-of-a-kind interface, you will have to pull up your sleeves and use every inches of your hands in order to literally mould the sound, thus creating a ‘musical landscape’, generated by the unique form you gave it. From the tip of your fingers, you set the tone, feel the acoustic texture, transform with each of your movements. The controller lets you see and feel the forms of the sound. Shape it, reshape it. Pure magic. The launch of Tingle is scheduled within the month of September, following a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The project was previously showcased at Sónar+D in Barcelona.


The company


Nupky is a Dutch invention factory, whose ambition is to create fun-filled experiences thanks to unique designs enhancing the best technologies. Its specialty: ‘obvious ideas that don't exist yet’. The team is supported by the Startup Accelerator HightechXL.