Interactive Prints

Conductive ink has evolved from a technological niche into a new medium of expression. There is more and more that can be done using its capacity to sense presence, proximity and touch. For the last few months, we have started to develop techniques – gathering expertise from the print, mapping and computer music worlds –, platforms and toolkits, so as to bring the print/poster medium to a new level, using conductive ink. We will show various realisations of interactive posters and walls that we have started to push as products very recently.


The company


Arthur C. Clarke said : "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." This quote summarises our vision. When the gesture really creates an emotion, when technology becomes invisible behind the new experience, then the bet is achieved. Hovertone is a combination of different technological expertises and high-tech platforms, serving these new interactive experiences, serving the emotion of the visitor, performer, creator, creative. Joëlle Tilmanne et Nicolas d'Alessandro already have long researcher careers behind them, since the beginning intertwined with performing arts. From the motion capture and analysis of dancers in real time to the synthesis of lyrical voices, they are craftsmen of many magical worlds. Hovertone is born from their wish to share these new technologies, to put them into the hands of new publics. They create today interactive applications, installations, performances and awareness workshops.