Jooki is the new smart Jukebox for kids! Heir of the good old portable cassette player, Jooki puts the power back into their little hands by enabling them to listen to their favourite song, album or even story, all by themselves. No ads, and no screens in sight. All they have to do is place the corresponding ‘Star’ –connected figurine or token– on Jooki, and the music plays! Which also prevents the parents from repetitively pulling out the smartphone. Jooki was launched thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


The company


The Belgian start-up MuuseLabs came to life when its co-founders, three audio fans, decided to unite on their mission to ‘make the digital world tangible’. All of them having very personal reasons: Théodore Marescaux wanted to empower his kids to explore music and stories; Pieter Palmers wished his daughters had an easier access to content in their language (Dutch); Will Moffat dreamed of an alternative to the screen-heavy environment surrounding his little boy.