Graffiti numérique

In collaboration with graffiti artists and developers, Interferences, arts & technologies created a one of a kind tool: a video graffiti can. So, how does it work? This is quite simple actually : an infra-red camera captures can movements thanks to a LED placed on it. A sensor is placed on the can and catches the finger's pressure. Several options are available on a graphic interface to customize the path. All settings are gathered in the software and the path made by the user in space is projected on the targeted surface.



The company

Interférences, arts et technologies

Interferences, art & technologies was founded in Automn 2015. This company from Quebec, Canada creates unusual performances and installations integrating arts & technologies through a rigorous artistic research. The aim of the collective is to democratize access to digital art or even to initiate the general public into artistic practice. Besides creating on-demand original artworks, Interferences focuses on education and brings technical support to artists and companies.