Food 3d Printing & lasercutting

Miam Factory uses a 3Dprinter "AFSCA" certified (developed in the Smart Gastronomy Lab) to make shapes based on food.

Using 3Dprinting with chocolate allows to create new shapes that could not be created using classical techniques such as molding. Different types of chocolate can be used (white, blond, milk, black). Miam Factory works with it as a Maître Chocolatier would do, without any additive.

Miam Factory uses a lasercutter to engrave food such as macaroons or chocolate, in order to create a personalized message or create your logo on food.



The company

Miam Factory

Miam Facory is a Belgian startup that creates personalized food pieces using new technologies such as 3D printing (of chocolate) and lasercutting (on chocolate, macaroon, ...). They aimed their services at companies that wish to enlight their logo/brand, at creative professionals from food world and to private people for specail occasions.

Its aim : answer your wish, create a Wow effect and make you melt of happiness.

Miam Factory is the first startup created thanks to Smart Gastronomy Lab research.