Du Touch

Is it an accordion? Is it a launchpad ?
No it's a du-touch !
French startup Dualo offers you a powerful and intuitive composition tool : pick a sound from the synthesizer, sculpt it, record your track, repeat as many times as necessary and mix your loops together. Create your songs following your inspiration, and share them.


The company


Dualo is a fresh and french start-up based in Paris (Fr) whose goal is to break the barriers of musical creation. Since 2011, they are working on a new range of musical instruments and ways of learning music. More than four hundreds players already use the first version of du-touch all around the world and contribute to a new strong community. After a successful Kickstarter last May (the goal was achieved in less than 3 hours!), Dualo is releasing a new range of instruments in December, including a new and more accessible product.