Gemini Project

Meet Gemini, a domesticated wind turbine. This new generation of small wind turbines can be fixed alongside buildings. It uses the Venturi effect, mainly encountered at the corners of buildings, which increases the wind power by 800% to produce green energy. The use of state-of-the-art technology, high-quality fairing and the possibility of personally designing the wind turbine to fit the aesthetics of the building all make Gemini undeniably appealing.


The company


Five Belgian entrepreneurs created the Gemini start-up in 2015. And whilst their backgrounds certainly differ (engineering, business, law), they all share the same conviction: contributing to a better future for all by creating clean energy is essential. They took part in various exhibitions and challenges such as Start Academy, where they were awarded the Jury's Prize; at Start up Liège Week-end, where they were the grand winners; at Clean Tech Challenge; Mind & Market and at Salon Namur Innovation, where they received the "prix coup de coeur". Nest Up, a start-up incubator, has also selected them to further develop the project. Dare we say the wind is fully in their sails?