Yannick Schutz

Yannick Schutz is a tools engineer at Heroku. His work consists in removing friction and enhancing other Heroku engineers' productivity. Now that's the official version. Because his partner remains convinced that he only devotes his time to finding the perfect GIF or emoji to respond to people. On that note, his favourites are: "Woman With Bunny Ears", "Spouting Whale" and "Sparkling Heart", and he also likes "Snowman Without Snow", "Clinking Beer Mugs" and "Hot Beverage." When he’s not managing technical issues, he tells his three-year old son stories, which usually involve fighting dragons and hunting for witches.


The conference

All those bots are gonna steal your job

Without a doubt, ChatOps has been one of the buzzwords of the year. But why should you really care? Bots can do repetitive tasks and enhance your team productivity by bringing visibility and ease of use. And – mild spoiler alert – unlike the title of the conference may suggest, you will not lose your jobs because of bots. Quite the contrary as a matter of fact, it will simply be more awesome. Yannick Schutz will take part in KIKK to spread, in his own words, the "❤️" for bots.