Michaël Uyttersprot

Michaël Uyttersprot is an Android engineer at Fitbit, an American firm founded in 2007 in San Francisco. He conceives, develops and commercialises fitness trackers and the internet of things. As someone who likes to add technology wherever he can in his life with DIY ­projects, Michaël Uyttersprot has a particular affinity for web, enterprise content management and Mobile (Android) technology. This interest isn't new to him.
Ever since mobile data appeared, he has been exploring, experimenting, and developing apps based on real-time geolocation, amongst which the STIB, FOSDEM and VilloHelper Android apps, the Yellow and White pages app for Belgium, Portugal and Ireland, as well as Teamblogger. Michaël is also a big outdoors lover who likes to get lost in the wild for days, just to bring back photos from remote places.


The conference

Lights, Bluetooth, Action

In his talk, Michaël Uyttersprot will give a brief, non-technical overview of what Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is and what this could mean for you. He will explore what one can do through various side­-projects of his, including something "seasonal", which we won't yet spoil. Let's add two essential pieces of information: Michaël recently got his car stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, and he will be turning 35 on the day of his talk. We're counting on you to wish him a very happy birthday.