Loïc Vigneron

Loïc Vigneron has always been obsessed with building and fixing things. He began with LEGO Technic's, before pimping his moped during his teens to gain some horsepower. He studied computer science at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve and graduated in 2012.
He then got into systems administration and software development, his true calling. After graduating, he co­founded Djump, a former Uber competitor, and then Spin42 with two associates. Armed with a 3D printer, a heap of tools, a limitless sense of curiosity and his electronics and software skills, he assures us that nothing can stop him.


The conference

Fly like an eagle

Loïc Vigneron is not afraid to admit regressing to childhood when he flies drones. It is this passion that he wishes to share during his conference. He will tell us how he gave birth to a quadcopter using a 3D printer, a Raspberry Pi 3 and some Elixir magic. He will begin from the genesis of the project up until the flying drone. Expect some code, some hardware, some 3D printing time-­lapse and a lot of fun.