Philippe Modard

Philippe Modard currently works as an engineer at Google in New York. However, his journey to get there was a long and eventful one. He has moved several times, participated in many projects, always followed his instinct and seized all the opportunities that came his way. To make a long story short, here's a brief overview of the road movie that has been his life. He started out as an aerospace engineer but was already attracted to software developing. New technologies fascinated him, so he decided to create his start-up, which didn't work out. He bounced back on his feet and quit the aerospace industry in order to fully commit to software. He moved to Luxemburg, where he joined a software start-up, created the first Start-up Weekend in Liege, presented at TEDx, learned a lot about start-ups, before joining a company called Storify in San Francisco. He worked at three start-ups in Silicon Valley before quitting to travel Asia for six months. When it was time to return, he decided to move to New York and knock on Google's door. He joined Google's Cloud Platform team, where he now works on the Container Builders' service, which allows any developer to automate their Docker container deployment process.


The conference

How to scale your websocket application

The kind of applications we build have evolved so much. We now expect them to work in real-time. In the past few years, the WebSocket protocol brought this low latency communication into the industry. Real-time also forces us to constantly consider high availability as we engineer. When I tried to deploy a WebSocket-based application for the first time with this concern, I realized that scaling such an application can be cumbersome without the appropriate tools.
During this talk, I will tell you how Docker Containers can help you deploy at scale using Kubernetes, an open-source container cluster manager.