François Pachet

A former professor in Artificial Intelligence and Civil Engineer, François Pachet currently leads the music research team at Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris. His team conducts research on interactive music listening, composition and performance and has developed several technologies including constraint-based spatialisation and intelligent music scheduling using metadata. At the moment, François Pachet is interested in the music styles determination process. His Flow Machines project allows users to experiment with new ideas using a device that will help them compose tracks and find their own style.


The conference

Extending a composer's creativity with Flow Machines

The spectacular progress in artificial intelligence and big data has allowed computers to surpass human performance in virtually all domains of human activities. That being said, creativity is one of the remaining areas where computers are still not able to reach human-level performance. François Pachet will highlight recent research in the area of music creativity and stress out the technical challenges, as well as the potential applications to existing and yet-to-be-invented industrial domains of digital entertainment.