1024 architecture

Let's start with a little guessing game: do you know why 1024 architecture chose this name? We do. And soon, perhaps, you will too. Anyway. Based in Paris, 1024 architecture makes architectural and audio-visual installations that highlight the interactions between high technology and low technology, body and space, sound and visuals, art and architecture. Halfway between physical and digital architecture, some of their most iconic projects include Le Square Cube for Étienne de Crécy, the massive VTLZR light array for Vitalic, the immersive visual installation Quantum, the 3D-Bridge on the Saint Louis bridge in Paris, as well as the lighting of the Bal Blanc with Daniel Buren.


The conference

1024 : Architecture, Light and Rhythm

architecture 1024 will present some of its projects to talk us through their methods and recipe for success. On the menu: Square-Cube, Walking-Cube, Tesseract, Vortex and Pulse, and other spatial and digital experimentations.