Gaël Hugo

The Swiss interactive designer Gaël Hugo settled in Paris in 2005, where he founded "one more studio" a few years later. His design practice aims to reflect the blurry boundaries of visual communication in a digital age. Gaël Hugo likes to produce dedicated design solutions relayed by – in his own words – dubious self­-made tools to achieve unexpected visual experiences. This experimental and playful approach allowed him to work with musicians such as Gotan Project, Breakbot, and Philippe Cohen­-Solal, cultural institutions like Gaîté Lyrique, Van Gogh museum, or the Google Cultural Institute, as well as with artists and commercial brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Samsung to name but a few. Gaël Hugo also teaches at ECAL University of art and design in Lausanne. The man definitely has more than one trick up his sleeve.


The conference

Travelling the boxes

Gaël Hugo is not one to choose between Math or Art, Art or Design, Graphic Design or Product Design, Print or Digital. His talk will address how he strives to build a practice that embraces them all.