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Fabien Penso

Fabien Penso is a Senior Engineer who focuses on large scale projects, and started his career in 1998 founding LinuxFr, a french community website on open source software. He is currently the CTO of Stuart, an on-demand delivery company for business which raised €22 million investment pre-launch in 2015. Previously he also worked on the push notification platform for the BBC mobile apps, and at Causes, a company founded by Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook) in San Francisco. He has released numerous iOS mobile apps
as well when Apple released the AppStore,
one with of which has over 70,000 users.


La conférence

Migrating a live platform from one technology stack to another

When joining Stuart in 2015, the existing platform wasn’t built to scale and the code base was below acceptable quality standards. I decided to fully rewrite the platform, and switch from a language to another. The existing PHP code was rewritten to Ruby while keeping the business going, and increasing the number of deliveries per day. The platform didn’t suffer from downtimes, and the whole codebase was migrated within months.

This talk is about our experience successfully switching a live platform and outlines what we did to prevent downtimes and minimise issues.