Jules Ehrhardt is co-owner of ustwo, a global digital product studio, and home to over 300 of the industry’s leading designers, developers and producers. ustwo aims to redefine the studio model by blending consultancy work for world-leading companies with venture and own product initiatives. Jules recently oversaw the studio's expansion into the US and is on a mission to evolve the studio model and help establish ustwo as the first truly great digital product studio. He's lived through over a decade of digital product deliveries across a diverse range of brands and industries in the UK and US. His passion and focus is on the strategic and commercial aspects of the industry. He's all about 'real talk' so expect a provocative discussion.


The conference

State Of The Digital Nation 2016

Over the last few years the digital Industry has experienced seismic shifts as well as a sweeping wave of consolidation. So let’s take a look at the state of the digital nation and why, for the bold, great opportunity lies ahead. We will cover the industry through four perspectives: Industry, Agency, New, and Future and look at the evolution of the agency model. The session is based on a popular thought piece, 'State of The Digital Nation 2016', well-received by industry leaders and practitioners alike. The session promises an irreverent, honest, no holds barred take on the industry so many of us call home as well as a glimpse into our possible future.