Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen is a Dutch fashion designer and renowned expert specialized in wearable technology. Pauline's vision is based on the belief that technology can add new value and meaning to fashion and can enhance the way we experience the world around us. She is fascinated by concepts of change, movement, energy and perception, since she believes the future of fashion lies in its premise to be dynamic and changing.
To her, technology is not a mere tool, but rather one of aesthetics. Recent projects include work with solar cells, illuminated textiles, new developments in 3D printed fashion using body scanning and generative design tools and the application of nanocoatings in textiles. Pauline has spoken at a wide range of international conferences and events, including SXSW, TEDx, Northside Festival NYC, IDTechEx, Turkey Innovation Week, Wearable Futures and Dutch Design Week. She was named one of Cool Hunting's 25 top innovators in 2015 and got selected as one of the top fifty most inspirational women in the technology sector in the Netherlands. Since the establishment in 2010, her eponymous design studio has received international recognition and is constantly involved in a diverse array of projects that span various disciplines, locations and collaborators.


The conference

Fashion, an embodied interface

Technology has entered our everyday environment and thus continuously interacts with our bodies. Since fashion constitutes the most intimate environment around our body, technology will also become part of our clothing. In her talk Pauline will show several of her projects that illustrate her view on the role
of technology in fashion, which to her can be
a means to create dynamic expression.
The interference of technology challenges her
to reclaim fashion as an embodied practice.