Virtual hearing

Practical informations

03 Nov

Thu., 9:00 - 1:00

Main Room - Théâtre

04 Nov

Fri., 9:00 - 1:00

Palais des congrès

Virtual Hearing is a hybrid workshop, somewhere between a scientific expedition, a sound recording studio and an ear factory. In short, a fully comprehensive study of the human hearing device. The participants will be invited to combine object scanning, 3D printing and binaural audio to create a lifelike listening apparatus. Using immersive sound, the group will develop together a 100% sonic virtual reality experience exploring the peculiar relationship between humans and their ears. This journey into the architecture of the human ear is both for beginners and informed participants. Throughout the workshop the group will learn how to collect binaural sounds and scan the ears of passers-by in order to design an immersive sound installation. This creative workshop is opened to artist, designers and techies interested in reflecting on the futur of immersion and listening experiences by playing with the exciting sound tools currently being developed for mixed realities. 


The workshop

Antoine Bertin

Antoine Bertin has us all ears. The sound artist creates immersive listening experiences; audio and radio narration, sound sculptures and walks. His work, weaving together science, design and immersive technologies, has been shown at Tate Britain, Sonar+D and the Nuit Blanche in Paris. How many ears will you be able to catch at KIKK Festival 2016? What would it be like to walk inside of them? Would it be like crawling inside an animal burrow? Exploring a prehistoric cave? Being sucked into a cosmic black hole? What will these ears hear at the festival?