Transmedia and Design

Practical informations

05 Nov

Sat., 10:00 - 6:00

Palais des congrès

Civic Engagement and Cultural Heritage workshop in Transmedia and Design. In their workshop, Mélanie Bourdaa and Stéphanie Cardoso will focus on building strategies of civic engagement and highlights of Cultural Heritage using methods of design and transmedia Storytelling. Co-design is the stepping-stone in such projects and will be implemented to highlight civic engagement and processes of participations. Participants are advised to bring a computer, paper, and pens.



The workshop

Stéphanie Cardoso & Mélanie Bourdaa

Mélanie Bourdaa is a professor at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne in Communication and Information Sciences. She is also a researcher in Transmedia Storytelling and fan studies, and has created GREF, a research group gathering scholars working in the field of Fan Studies as well as co-created CATS, a consortium gathering researchers and professionals in Transmedia Storytelling. In short, she's an authority on the matter. Stéphanie Cardoso is a professor in interaction design and service Design, a researcher at the laboratory Media, Information and Communication and Arts (MICA) and the head of professional Master in Design: Interaction, Innovation, Service at the University of́ Bordeaux Montaigne. Her research works deal with the notions of identity and meaning in companionship robots.