Clay Music Live

The aim of Clay Music Live is to turn its users into DJ’s, conductors, or musicians. Nothing less. This free app –which can be completed by additional features if desired– lets you mix or remix your favourite music tracks through simple gestures, performed in front of your smartphone or tablet. And once you get the groove, the result is quite bluffing. Enough to think yourself as the next Karajan. Its main asset? Affordability. All you need is your smartphone, and then you are free to let yourself go wherever you please.


The company


Clay is a French startup specialized in gesture recognition, result of the association of two universes: music and technology. Those are the fields of its founders Thomas Amilien and Jean-Baptiste Guignard, respectively conductor and cognitive scientist. Their common vision: push the limits of recognition technology to enable the greatest number of people to interact and become one with the universe around them.