Wim Janssen

Wim Janssen enjoys blending technology and audiovisual media. Always in favour of a minimalist approach, the artist bemuses the viewer with his hybrid installations and sculptures. His works often translates or converts one or several media, using cinematographic and audiovisual codes – such as integrating interference effects,
as well as the binary logic of the digital age. As from 2009 he has collaborated regularly with Werktank, a Belgian media arts production platform located in Leuven and dedicated to the relationship between technology and perception. The works of Wim Janssen have been exhibited in Europe and the United States, and in various cultural centres and renowned festivals such as Young Art Moscow Biennial, EFA Project Space in New York, Artefact in Leuven, The Rotterdam International Film Festival, etc. In 2011, the artist received an honorary mention at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.


The exhibition

Black board - white cube

“Black Board ­ White Cube” is the first in a series of films made for a blackboard. Or so it seems. This (not so) typical school blackboard is comprised of a screen that is capable of playing around with the transparency of pigments. Throughout the course of the exhibitions all possibilities of drawing a cube in one continuous action without lifting the chalk and without retracing an already existing line are investigated. A mathematical impossibility. This odd catalogue of incomplete cubes plays on the tension between the three dimensional and the two dimensional.The movement is so minimal that the viewer would be forgiven for wondering if he's dreaming or if the components of the board have actually changed. Black Board ­ White Cube questions our perception as well as our expectations with regards to audiovisual media.

This artwork is a coproduction by Werktank and KIKK made possible thanks to the support of Cultuurculture and the Flemish autorithies.

Programming & electronics by Tim Knapen