Nils Völker

The work of German artist Nils Volker finds itself at the intersection of art, science and modern technologies: physical computing, robotics, media art, new media art and machine art. His artistic practice combines elements of electronics and programming with everyday objects. His large­-scale sculptures and site­ specific kinetic installations investigate the conflict between natural and unnatural phenomena. The materials he uses are simple, carefully selected and sometimes fragile, with organic sounds – a deliberately minimal choice that adds an emotional and poetic depth to his work. Since 2010, he's been creating installations made of large cushions that are inflated and deflated in controlled rhythms by small fans.


The exhibition


The installation is mainly made out of ordinary garbage bags which are selectively inflated and deflated by small fans controlled by a microcontroller. Although each bag is mounted in a stationary position, the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of lively movements. Forms appear from the matrix and disappear back into the surface. In this way shapes and the boundaries of the installation itself start to dissolve.