Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof

Mike Rijnierse is an interdisciplinary artist whose work consists of experiences that are moulded in music theatre as well as large-scale light and sound installations. He often sees these as a chance to develop new instruments that allow him to focus on the interaction between media and the senses. The environment and its components, including the visitors themselves, become fully-fledged parameters of these live artistic processes.

Rob Bothof is a freelance artist, sound engineer, software­ / game developer and technical problem solver. He focuses his research on the fine line between art and science in the fields of interaction, animation and (social) behaviour. Chance and context are recurring themes in his works.


The exhibition


The installation operates on the kaleidoscopic principle of multiplied reflections, by placing several mirrors at perpendicular angles. In contrast to the classical kaleidoscope, where light enters an object, CUBE embodies the light inside and projects its inner multiplication outwards into space. CUBE is chroreographed by an autonomic algorithm that directs the synergy between light and sound.

This artwork is presented in collaboration with FIBER which presents a selection of dutch artists thanks to the creative industries fund.