Nicky Assmann

Nicky Assmann is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist, whose work is primarily perceived as a sensory experience, uniting the viewer with what lies before his eyes. With a background in Film and ArtScience, and a keen interest in technology, Nicky Assmann experiments physical processes in the form of kinetic light installations, videos and audiovisual performances. Her work has been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London, at the Museum of Fine Arts of Taiwan and at Art Rotterdam Week. She was nominated for the 2015 Prix de Rome and her work Solace gained an Honorary Mention in the 2011 StartPoint Prize.

This conference is taking place at part
of the collaboration with FIBER who present
a selection of Dutch artists with the help
of the Fond for Creative Industries


The conference

Sensorial Interference

The immaterial and intangible character of light, colour and movement forms the starting point of Nicky Assmann's spatial installations, in which she tries to heightens the perception. In her talk she will present an overview of her art projects showing how she combines artistic, scientific and cinematographic knowledge in experiments with physical processes aimed at sensorial interference. Set against the backdrop of our visual culture, where the perception of reality increasingly occurs in the virtual domain, she returns to the physical foundations of seeing in which the embodied experience is central.