Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is a New York-based artist and programmer whose interest gravitates towards generative systems, emerging technology, and artificial intelligence. He writes code for live music, performances, and visual art. He is a contributor to numerous open ­source software projects, he leads workshops and demonstrations on topics related to code and art, and he is currently developing ml4a.github.io, a free online book about machine learning for artists, activists
and citizen scientists. Gene Kogan's main inspiration comes from the open source community, who works collectively towards a better understanding of humanity through art, science, and philosophy. KIKK Festival will see Gene Kogan get more people aware about artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they can get started with it themselves.


The conference

Adversarial Nets

Research on artificial intelligence has taken major steps forward in recent years, especially
in terms of machine learning. This has led artists to probe the imaginations of neural networks to create strange new audiovisual works, while activists and journalists have used those same algorithms to organise and visualise stories that stem from social and new media. In his talk, Gene Kogan will examine this recent evolution and its progress from the perspective of a media artist and an independent researcher.
He will speculate about the infusion of AI into our everyday devices, and their impacts on our interactions with technologies and with each other.