XOXX Composer

Inspired by the principle of a music box, XOXX Composer generates samples, sound loops. The particularity of this project is that we find moveable magnets instead of the small pins, whereas the steel comb has been replaced by magnetic sensors, ready to trigger any kind of instrument or sound. Intuitive, this device helps the user understand the relationship between sounds thanks to a mechanical system that is simple and adjustable at the the same time. Compatible with the MIDI protocol, XOXX Composer is usable through an app. The digital music box is easily handled, always in a playful and iterative way, but an accidental creation is never out of the equation. And that’s precisely when things get interesting.


The company

Axel Bluhme

Axel Bluhme is a Swedish designer and technologist living in London, who loves to scrutinize the unseen boundaries between the digital world and the objects surrounding us. His current activity leads him to investigate, design and highlight those hidden mechanisms. All this with one goal in mind: create a harmony between technology and human beings.