The Unpaid Intern

The Unpaid Intern is the graduation project of Julius Ingemann Breitenstein.

The Unpaid Intern turns generative algorithms into tools in order to enhance the design process. And how, you may ask? By taking a form, creating countless variations on that form and facilitating the iterations of that design in order to allow its user to fine-tune his project. One hell of an aid, that can offer a broader and more interesting ideation opening the designer's eyes to new paths and possibilities that he might have never considered. The Unpaid Intern also allows better communication between designer and client, as it helps both parties visualise future design directions. One must stress that, beyond its tongue-­in-­cheek title, The Unpaid Intern's aim is definitely not to replace designers – we know what you're thinking – but to enable them.


The company

Julius Ingemann Breitenstein

Danish designer and journalist Julius Ingermann Breitenstein was raised in London. He's interested in products, podcasts, and playlists. A recent graduate, he is currently interning with Jakob Wagner in Copenhagen. How on earth did he think of this design synthesiser? Well, as is mostly the case for grand ideas, he simply thought of it while absent-mindedly doodling in his sketchbook.