Ralf Baecker

Berlin-based artist Ralf Baecker works at the crossroads of art, technology and science. Through installations and machines,
he explores fundamental mechanisms of action as well as the effects of new media and technologies. A true media archaeologist and explorer of the digital poetic potential,
Ralf Baecker digs within obsolete devices for traces and functions that are still detectable in technologies today. His work reflects on this, blending current digital aesthetics with a historical understanding of materials. He has been awarded multiple prizes, including an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica in 2012 and 2014 for his Mirage installation.


The exhibition

Interface 1

Interface 1 highlights the relationship that links the infinity of signals and material operations of the installation with their fairly stable and orderly outcome. It investigates the construction of digital images, and what they set in motion.
One facet sees a machine made of motors; strings and elastic bands excite the system's behaviour with random impulses of pulling strength. The other facet sees a living web emerge, whose various elements draw a global motion.