Els Viaene

Els Viaene has been involved in the sound realm for a long time now, rapidly shifting from radio reporter to sound designer and sound artist. With a set­up of two small microphones she listens, zooms into and enlarges the natural rhythms and textures of the aural landscapes surrounding us. The viewer allows himself to become intoxicated by this sound material, slowly seeping into an imaginary or organic universe. Through her performances, compositions and installations, Els Viaene plays with the physical environment codes of installations and with those of her sound material. She superimposes and interweaves the way we see and hear,
and how both interfere.


The exhibition

Vibrant Matter

A trip to Iceland forms the origin of this project and research into the relation between, sound, matter and landscape. The extremely contrasting environments all had one thing in common: it seemed like all these places had been frozen in time, as if coagulated in the middle of a metamorphosis. Looking into processes hidden below the surface, Vibrant Matter explores the relationship between the unfolding landscape and its observer like a time lapse. While the visible environment appears static to the eye; below the surface are continuous and ongoing processes, tensions and movements that can be measured, recorded and articulated through sound.

This artwork is a coproduction by Werktank and KIKK made possible thanks to the support of Cultuurculture.