WILD is an interactive agency that hollers for street cred and collects lions, springs, pencils as well as other weird statuettes along the way. Thomas Strobl and Thomas Ragger work together as developers in this Austrian agency and are fortunate to spend the better part of their time running around the globe creating applications and experiences that their grandmas don’t understand. Lucky boys.
An anecdote they recount is how, after a long night out, one of them ended up helping a newspaper deliveryman in exchange for a ride home. And what does this tell us? The WILD team is extraordinarily resourceful, without the shadow of a doubt.


The conference

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The two Thomases are definitely very excited to take part in this year’s KIKK Festival, if their last message is anything to go by: “We heard there are hot people and we haven’t had waffles in ages.” On the speakers floor, the audience can expect a lesson on the ever-present “y tho’s”
(= why though?) when it comes to working in these so-called creative industries.