Volker Morawe & Tilman Reiff

Since 2001 Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff are creating multi-sensory artefacts related to the construction and social aspects of computer game culture. Their interactive installations/automata combine game-logic, media criticism, apparatus parody, games culture and childhood memories into engaging man-machine experiences, oftentimes altering the view on the relationship between man and his technology.
Their multi-sensory installations are connecting code, electronics, mechanics, music, and childhood memories to novel forms of experiences that usually rope in several participants simultaneously. Beside the main artistic exploration of alternative user interfaces, humor, group experience and hormones are the key ingredients of their work. Their work has been awarded with numerous prices and has been exhibited from street fairs to modern art museums throughout the world. Volker Morawe grew up in a sheltered small town close to the city of Bremen which is famous for its coffee and beer production. Passing through several schools, job training as space electronics technician, participant of second-chance education, hit producer, design student, from 1999 to 2004 student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. His major field of study: multisensoric interfaces in game context. Tilman Reiff spent his childhood in the fatherly electronics laboratory and on offroad bicycles in the construction sites of Ratingen-Homberg. After a rebellious school carreer he left Munich to study computer science and media at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, followed by a postgraduate study at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. his major field of studies: interaction design.


The conference


In addition to the inherent artistic re-evaluation of the boundaries between men and his machines, humor, group experience and hormones are playing major roles in their work. Their "PainStation", for example guides two players into a duel of "Pong" with real pain, the remote controlled chain saw "furninja" rips into design furniture and "MoshPit" is rewarding intense head-banging with heavy-metal music, stroboscope and artificial fog. In this session they will present their provocative creations and will share with you some secrets which could change your live.