Douglas Edric Stanley

Douglas Edric Stanley is an American-born artist and teaches Algorithmic Design in the Media Design Master of the Geneva University of Art and Design (–HEAD Genève). Douglas also teaches in Aix en Provence where he founded the Atelier Hypermédia, an atelier dedicated to the exploration of algorithms and code as artistic materials. He has organised numerous workshops related to creative programming for various non-profits, universities and art schools. As an artist, he has participated in several exhibitions related to digital art.


The conference

The Ink Mirror

A fork in the road. One path leads off into the horizon of the New. The other, a forest of Media. You follow the horizon. Winding and meandering, it leads you back to the fork where you began. You enter the forest. It is thick with odd foliage. After much toil you stumble on a clearing whereupon you realise that you are now back at the same place where you began. At your feet there is a book. You pick it up to read it, turning the pages — each one resembling the last. It is the tale of a woman, standing in a fork at the road, holding a book.