Cécile Beau

Cécile Beau uses nature as her focal point, which she then turns into a subject of contemplation and research. She combines plants and minerals with illusionist machinery in her sound, light, minimal and sensory installations. The result encapsulates physical phenomena in the shape of austere and enigmatic landscapes. By looking into phenomena that are either too slow or too discreet for the human time scale, she creates what could be labelled as "slow science fiction". And it is this very discrepancy – this realistic universe enhanced with a layer of fiction – that infuses her work with all its poetry.
One can also find the ever-present notion of territory or landscape. Through her images,
the artist proves that what may seem familiar at first glance can tip over into the unknown
at any moment.


The conference


Cécile Beau tries to make the organic and physical properties of our environment more perceptible. Her works, mainly sound-based, contain an immersion and attention span that is the result of her research into time and space. Whether they reveal electromagnetic waves that can be found in space, immerse us into a seismic event that occurred on the other side
of the globe, or simply move us through the fluctuations of a breeze, her installations propel us straight into the heart of interferences.
In her talk, Cécile Beau will highlight these different forms of interferences that pervade
her work.