Adrien M et Claire B

Adrien Mondot is a multidisciplinary artist, a computer specialist and a juggler. He creates performances that implement sensitive interactions between digital art, juggling, dance and music. He created the Adrien M / Claire B company with artist, graphic designer and stage designer Claire Bardainne in 2011. Together they question movement and its multiple resonances with graphic and digital design.
Their shows and installations, halfway between digital and physical arts, give life to a visual poetic language that combines imagination, both real and virtual. Human beings are always at the heart of technological concerns and the human body remains the focal point of these images, as seen in their 2015 Le Mouvement de l'air show, a truly poetic and sensitive ode to movement.


The conference

Digital mirages and miracles

Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne share a dream: to create a digital universe that is both alive and sensitive. They will talk about the software they develop and the technical devices they use in order to turn images into fellow players. The shows and installations they create blur the boundaries between reality and potentiality, and push our senses towards experiences. True poetry, somewhere between the ephemeral and technology.